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Beacon Behavioral Health and Consulting offers psychiatric services for adult clients ages 18 and up. Psychiatric services include psychiatric evaluations to diagnose mental health conditions and treatment of symptoms with psychoeducation, psychotherapy and medications (if needed).


Ms. Kirby Williams uses her 16 years combined experience as a nurse and a nurse practitioner to provide wellness-centered care. This involves providing in-depth education about mental health symptoms and conditions, considering all aspects of well-being in your mental health journey and helping clients discover lifelong coping skills to optimize mental health wellness.


Wellness centered care also includes collaboration with a client’s other medical and mental health providers to provide a comprehensive and collaborative approach to your treatment. Kirby enjoys getting to know the story of each and every client, including their goals, passions and inspirations, and believes this is the foundation of a strong therapeutic relationship that will help to support clients on their journey to mental wellbeing.


Ms. Williams is board certified to treat all mental health conditions of adults, but has extensive training and experience in the following conditions: depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, geriatric psychiatry, posttraumatic stress disorder, bipolar spectrum disorders and schizophrenia. 

***Please note all appointments are in-person and Thursday afternoon availability only***

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